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wrinkleless existence

In the tradition of the “fountain of youth,” and the more modern human growth hormones, another miracle cure for aging has been discovered. In this regard, we need to ask ourselves the big blunt question: “Why do we have to cure aging?” With the countless measures with which man has come up in the recent decades, one would think aging is some vile disease from which we have to protect ourselves. Indeed, upon reading about these anti-aging measures, I realized that through the years, man has steadily replaced the attitude of treating age as a source of wisdom, to treating it with discomfort and even fear. Of course, the flipside also offers some valid arguments. I mean, hey, who wouldn’t want to stay young and beautiful forever?

With man’s technological advancement, various cosmetic treatments have sprouted proclaiming to reverse the manifestations of aging. The most popular of these treatments are the surgical procedures. This latter method is probably the reason why Hollywood suddenly became replete with unrealistically beautiful people. Movies and television shows began to showcase a world of perfect, skinny, smooth-skinned “regular” people. The problem with this is the tiny fact that real “regular” people have to save years of paychecks in order to achieve such glorious transformations.

Because of surgery’s financial inaccessibility, new, more natural, and cheaper anti-aging measures have been developed. One such measure in anti-aging medicine’s vast collection is the Perricone System. This was instituted by Dr. Nicholas Perricone and contained in his book The Perricone Prescription. Basically, the Perricone program consists of a stringent dietary regimen that is guaranteed to remove the manifestations of aging, such as wrinkles, flabby body sections and sagging skin. According to the strict diet Dr. Perricone “recommended”, protein is the key ingredient in the body’s anti-aging arsenal. Protein, as we all know, is the source of our body’s cellular building blocks, which helps in the regeneration of damaged body tissues. Thus, it is easy to perceive its benefits to anti-aging.

The reason for the high-protein intake is the fact that all the hassles of aging are rooted to what Perricone calls “inflammation.” This phenomenon is brought by years of unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet, stress and artificial cosmetic treatments, and is actually the primary cause of undesirable aging. This implies, of course, that along with protein, a person under the Perricone regimen must also remove unhealthy habits, such as smoking, lethargy, alcohol and even the all-important coffee. I guess yuppies like me must now resort to other methods of inducing productivity in the wee hours of the morning.

The Perricone plan’s high protein diet must include a substantial ration of fish and eggs, which are the most popular sources of protein. More specifically, Perricone recommended that we start our day with a breakfast of four eggs with three of the yolks removed. For the rest of the day, fish, preferably salmon, must be the dominant element in every meal. Perricone also prescribed a healthy dose of berries, cantaloupe or macadamia nuts and lots of spring water. Probably the most important feature of Perricone’s diet is its heavy restraint on chocolates, potatoes, butter, past and pizza, every single one of which are daily staples for people who are too busy to prepare complicated daily menus.

The diet, when accompanied with his exercise and skin maintenance programs, would result in noticeable changes in as early as three days. It does sound like magic, doesn’t it?

While part of my brain is rebelling against the restriction of coffee and chocolates and all the other “good things in life,” another part raced through the chapter titles like “It Gets Worse,” which made vampires and werewolves from the food in which I previously indulged. For quite a while, I began to stay away from the junk food section of the supermarket, with Perricone’s words buzzing in my head. With all the allusions to Carbohydrate monsters, it became difficult to eat pizza. However, with my diminishing bank balance, I realized that Perricone’s diet presented various difficulties. The main problem with Perricone’s treatment plan is the fact that the recommended protein-rich diet is not only difficult to live on, but also quite expensive and inaccessible. Local grocery stores would not normally have heaps of macadamia nuts, blueberries and cantaloupes waiting for people in every corner. Moreover, as I recently and with some regret, found out, salmons are not very easy on the budget. As I mentioned earlier, surgery has never really been accessible to persons with low to medium income. While Perricone’s diet is inexpensive compared to these surgical procedure, it would still make quite a huge dent on people’s long-term savings.

Nevertheless, I began to search for cheaper alternatives to Perricone’s plan because I was trying to convince myself that it still offered more practical, and more painless, solutions than the countless cosmetic surgeons’ artistic aptitudes. Compared to being sliced open, I realized that a harmless dietary regimen is a very attractive option. Moreover, to appease my rebellion against the restriction of my favorite poisons, I began to consistenly remind myself that youth and beauty must come with some sort of sacrifice. In fact, giving up chocolates and coffee for tasteless egg whites does not really seem such a huge sacrifice. Perricone did say that we should never venture far from his recommended food. This, of course carries the implication that we may make the venture as long as it is not far. Then again, maybe I’m just rationalizing.